Are The Products Of Jeunesse Effective in the Way As They Are?

Jeunesse’s lines of products are enlarged with the most modern scientific principles behind them. Jeunesse is intimately aligned with the future of Dr. Nathan Newman, a world-distinguished dermatologist.  Hailing from Beverly Hills where he is renowned for his stem cell face-lifts, Dr. Newman is knowledgeable in using adult stem cells to overturn signs of aging.

In his application, he gathers the stem cells from a patient’s fat cells and inserts them into the target areas on the face.  For Jeunesse, he is using his proficiency to devise an at-home topical treatment to attain the same effect as his in-office beauty procedures.  The topical treatment uses stem cells, too, but can be used at domicile.  The product is known as “Luminesce”. He also forfeits that it is possible that stem cells really do engender blood vessels and new collagen (the key to younger-looking skin).

Products Of Jeunesse Effective

DNA repair

Jeunesse Global’s anti aging line is also founded on the science of DNA repair. Cells are constantly replicating, but as individuals age, that replication process becomes oxidized and although one gets new skin, it is not younger-looking skin any longer. DNA becomes injured when the end caps on one’s genes start to erode. These end caps are known as short telomeres, so the key to Jeunesse’s anti-aging is mending these telomeres.


Jeunesse contains antioxidants in its skin care line, but there is one product that features a great antioxidant, and that is their RESERVE. The super antioxidant is Resveratrol, which is based on red grapes. Scientific studies have publicized that Resveratrol can endorse longer cell life.  This takes place because it fuels the activity of mitochondria, the energy-producing parts of the cells.

Developers at Jeunesse have put substantial effort into creating immense structure of scientific confirmation to support their products. A quick look at the product page for AM & PM Essentials reveals a glaring presence of “science”.  It is mentioned that the product prop up natural cellular DNA repair. And they are certainly stuffing their nutrition products with good substance, which results in the cell growth. They are:-

  • soybean lecithin
  • oleic acid
  • alphalinolenic acid
  • borage seed oil
  • fish body oil
  • evening primrose oil
  • turmeric root extract
  • fenugreek
  • cayenne pepper fruit
  • quercetin dehydrate
  • Vanadium
  • purslane extract

The ‘stem cell maintenance complex’ comprises of various seaweed and algae.  One is Klamath blue-green algae, which, as said by WebMD are used for many conditions. Stem cell research is the logical saving grace of Jeunesse. The assurances of adult stem cells in the anti-aging products appear to be the only claim that comes with authentic, science-backed results.  The antioxidants and the DNA repair may have some science behind them, but that science does not apply to the way these ingredients are delivered through Jeunesse’s nutritional supplements.

Nevertheless, that does not mean Jeunesse products will not help the customer in any way.  They are still a pioneer, and should be well thought-out by anyone looking to slow down or reverse their aging.

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