Everything About Lunette Dior Homme

The house Dior was born in 1945 and quickly became a success, with its luxury ready-to-wear collections and its famous perfumes. In 1967, the brand introduced its first models of glasses, designed as fashion accessories and luxury for sophisticated women. The collections are today extensive, and man is not left behind, both in the perspective and in the solar.

In 2000 Hedi Slimane took the direction of the line Christian Dior Monsieur and changed his name and silhouette. Dior Homme’s line-up is sensational and has many admirers, including Kings of Leon, Mick Jagger, Karl Lagerfelf and Kanye West. Now under the direction of Kris Van Assche since 2007, the line continues its ascent. Discover the centerpiece of the collection, Dior Homme Black Tie. The monogram Christian Dior and the “scar” signature of Dior Homme decorate the branches of the iconic model. The guilloche pattern is another signature that is borrowed from fashion shows.

Lunette Dior Homme

Dior’s reputation is reflected in the eyeglass models: clean lines, a sense of detail and creativity. The optical frames are rectangular, acetate or metal, sometimes decorated with stones and rhinestones. The solar models are very vintage, both trendy and distinguished. The forms are enveloping, and the colors make a compromise between originality and claimed luxury. The Dior logo can be found on the branches of all frames. The sleek, classic lines and simple silhouettes of Dior Homme Eyewear are as modern and timeless as the fashion house itself. The new collections of Christian Dior sunglasses and lunette dior homme are offered with geometric lines and generous volumes in order to be distinguished by its originality, charm and elegance in harmony with the style of the brand. Subtle colors in unique tones.  BUY ONLINE DIOR HOMME SUNGLASSES Unique, audacious and with a remarkable design. Dior Homme sunglasses do not go unnoticed. Each collection is made for a demanding customer, looking for modern elegance and optimal protection at the same time. Due to its original design and its precious materials, each creation is transformed into an authentic jewel. With its large collection you can find the ones that best fit your style and your wallet. You will find them on our online store, with discounts of up to -35%.

Glasses are an instrument to overcome visual defects. A pair of glasses consists of a mount on which corrective lenses are fixed and resting on the nose by two supports. The sunglasses, also called smoked bezel, helps protect the eyes from the sun and correct the sight at the same time. Their multitude of shapes, colors and materials also make it the fashion accessory par excellence. The glasses of the sunglasses are tinted to decrease the brightness. This has the effect of enlarging the pupil. Different filters must be included to attenuate not only visible light but also ultraviolet rays that threaten the quality of our sight, sometimes making us blind. Whether blue, green or brown, the eyes must be protected from the sun!

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