Health Uses of Wine

The list of health uses of wine is long. It keeps giving a few surprises here and there. After all, that one glass of wine you are taking may be good news to not only your health but also to your life’s longevity. As long you are taking wine with moderation, you can gain so much from that. For you information, one to two ounces of wine is all you need a day to reap all the health benefits.

Just to refresh your knowledge on wine stuff, Singaporeans are now accustomed to drinking wine during celebrations and after meals and they are making their mark in the populations that consume more wine each day. The wine online market especially in Singapore is becoming a formidable force and you can get your French cellar wine delivered to your at home. Fascinating, isn’t it? As you ponder on this, let us explore health uses of wine.

Health Uses of Wine

The 8 known health uses of wine

  1. Promotes a healthy mind: did you know that your brain undergoes cognitive decline with age? Yes, it does and there are not many things to do about it. However, moderate taking of wine may slow down that decline. It does this by increasing blood flow in your brain. Anything beyond moderate wine drinking does the reverse and instead increases the brain decline. You know better than go over the daily wine consumption limit if you want to benefit from this.
  2. Blood sugar regulation: alcohol has a positive effect on insulin, which in turn regulates blood sugar. The alcohol content in wine is good for this (as it with alcohol in any other beverage). As long as you do not go over the daily intake limit; your sugar level will be under control. This is good news for those who may not want to take blood sugar suppressing medication.
  3. Skin protection: resveratrol is a component found in red wine. Through study, it has been found to promote and protect skin. Free radicals are the main cause of skin damage if left unchecked. Resveratrol neutralizes these radicals leaving your skin healthy and free from any harmful elements. Those who often take wine will thus have a fairer skin than those who take none at all.
  4. Good for heart health: There is good and bad cholesterol. Heart conditions are caused by bad cholesterol. If you can filter away bad cholesterol then you can kiss goodbye heart problems. The phytochemicals in wine increase good cholesterol. On the other hand, wine’s antioxidants guard your arteries linings from fat formation. To achieve this you will need optimum 2 glasses of wine every day.
  5. Effective in maintaining healthy weight: a number of studies have established that those who drink wine regularly have lower body masses than those who indulge. Wine has an effect on abdominal and waist fat. Wine drinkers are more likely to have leaner waists and abdomen than those who drink liquor. The moderated level of alcohol in wine boosts calorie burn.
  6. Reduces ovarian cancer by 50 per cent: researchers in the universities of Hawaii and Michigan found that a glass of wine each day could reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%. The same was found to be true by researchers from Australia. The explanation for this is the presence of antioxidants present in wine, which have anticancer properties.
  7. Healthy bones: women who take wine have more bone mass than those who completely abstain. The alcohol content in wine enhances estrogen. This hormone reduces the depreciation of bones and at the same boosts the production of new bones.
  8. Boosting your memory: in the 1970s, scientists tested memory between women who took wine and those who took none at all. The women who took wine daily were better in remembering things than those who took none at all. As you take that glass of wine, you may be boosting your memory from depreciation that comes with age and physical harm.

Now you know it. A glass of wine every now and then is not bad at all. The only thing you have to be mindful of is moderation. Do not indulge in more than 2 ounces of wine each day. As long as you keep watch on the amount of wine you consume then these health uses of wine will be all yours for the taking. So order wine online in Singapore today.

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