How to Choose Best Ghagra Cholis this Wedding Season

Indian weddings come with elaborate options for dressing on the wedding day. A bride has more than a day’s occasion to dress for; extensive ceremonies call for equally extravagant events. Since brides these days are becoming a fashionable one the saree alone is not quenching a fashionistas’ bridal statement.  It is but normal for a multi-cultural country to adopt as many styles as the country has to offer.

This particular ensemble namely Ghagra choli/ lehenga choli/ Chania choli etc finds its origin in the tribal place of Rajasthan. It is said the most beautiful flowers are found in the desert likewise the discovery of Ghagra choli in the midst of Rajasthan proved to be a blessing to Indian ethnic wears. Brides these days do not compromise settling for anything less than perfection.

Ghagra Cholis

Ghagra was born to be a perfect wear reflecting the Indian dressing aura; it is the top priority for all Indian weddings. It is worn by the bride no doubt but even the guests wear it, not to outshine the bride but because the lure of the ghagra choli is irresistible. It is a pleated long gown-like skirt and is worn with a long or short, stitched and fitted blouse which is called a ‘choli’.The ghagra is secured from the waist and it leaves the back and the midriff bare. It is usually worn with a dupatta, a 2.5 meters of light transparent material usually georgette and is worn like a scarf or veil.

Dupatta enhances the beauty of the whole ensemble. Since the get-up is already perfect it takes more than a keen pair of eyes to select the best of the best ghagra choli.There lies a stark difference between a traditional ghagra choli and a wedding ghagra choli. Wedding is an auspicious ceremony where the attire demands a keen attention. Bridal ghagra cholis are bright in color to symbolize festivity, fertility and richness of culture. Metallic yarn is used so that when the bride takes her seven vows around the fire, the attires glows to make her look resplendent and fit the ceremony perfectly.

Heavily embroidered ones mark the bridal ghagra choli. The ensemble is elaborate with mirror work, zari, got, meenakari, Kundan etc which adds glamor to the brocade. Gold and silver embroideries look the best on brides.There are four kinds of fitting in ghagra cholis.A-cutStraight cutUmbrella cutFish cut or mermaid cut.

Brides usually opt for the fish cut because it is the trendiest. The fitting is such that it is tight up to the knee and then it takes a twist. The lower part is frilly and loose and flares perfectly. The choli for this is made in a style of a jacket with deep necks and backlines. It perfectly harmonizes the occasion.

The dupatta is not particularly necessary but it embellishes the beauty of the attire. Designer dupattas come in the variety of beautiful shades and designs. It can be draped in various and distinct styles. Latest draping is the one that is wrapped around the arms. The patterns are enormous in range. The superb geometrical shapes, asymmetrical and the diamond shaped ones are bold fashion statements.

Maroon and red threads are used for most bridal ghagra cholis. But before you indulge in buying one do consider how complimentary the color to the embroidery works is. The basics hold the beauty. The complementation of the ghagra, choli, dupatta with the embroidery is a determining factor of its beauty.

Before you rush into buying the trendiest ghagra choli you spotted, you ought to know yourself first, and by that I mean you ought to know your body well. All of us have flaws and there are ways we camouflage it. Know your body well to know what shape, cut and color flatters you. Hourglass women look ravishing in fish cut style, pear shaped and petite look amazing with ‘A’ cuts and straight bodies with no curves should opt for cholis that have neckline below the collarbone.

Understand your body and make the right choice to look extremely beautiful on your once-in –a-lifetime day. Colors available for ghagra cholis ranges from pastels like pink, yellow, aqua etc to dark shades of maroon, red etc.

Look for the color that suits your complexion and for that decision you may need the help of your friends and relatives. If help is not available think about the time you got compliments wearing a particular color.Budget is an important aspect to keep in mind. Bridal ghagra cholis range from Rs.10,000 up to lakhs. But it is not necessary that only expensive ones are exquisite. With proper planning you can get the one that is not only remarkable but is comfortable with your budget.

The season that your wedding takes place is an important factor that determines the ghagra cholis you wear. For example, in winter, heavy and warm fabrics like brocade, velvet and silk should be selected.When a wedding is the occasion nothing can beat the charismatic ghagra choli. These few tips to select a good one is a determining factor because your look is the beginning and the end of your day.

This wedding season is your season so go all bridezilla until you reach the point of perfection.About the Author – Manoj Gupta, the writer of this article writes occasionally on behalf of, an online shopping portal to discover authentic Indian products like jewelry, sarees, lehenga choli etc handpicked from designers.

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