How to do Ice Fishing with Kids- An Ultimate Guide

Fishing is an excellent sport and could be extremely pleasing if you are doing with kids. When taking your kids for a fishing trip, you are actually going them to experience the excitement of catching a fish from water. Ice fishing in the cold season could be a thorough test of your sloppy guiding skills as you need to take them for ice fishing after letting them know the basic ice fishing safety rules and guidelines.

Here in this article we have listed some ice fishing safety tips that can answer your question ‘how to do ice fishing with kids’ briefly and in a detailed manner. You should apply these tips every time you go for ice fishing with kids.

Find Safe Ice for Fishing

Finding the safe ice for fishing should be the main concern when going out for ice fishing with kids. According to the experts, 5 inches is a highly recommended ice thickness for fishing. You can ask from other fishers for a safe spot if it is your first time and you are facing troubles to find a best ice spot for fishing. Drilling a hole is a best way to verify the ideal thickness of ice.

Check for Weather Forecast

Keep your eyes of weather before you leave home for ice fishing. You can use any of the best fishing forecast app for this purpose to make sure you will enjoy the ice fishing trip without facing environmental issues. Check weather for winds, rain and snow fall to make sure you will be fishing in a safe zone.

Consider Waring Ice Traction Cleats

If the ice is ideally thick, remember to invest in slip on ice traction cleats to help everyone on fishing trip get around. Insolated boots might be enough for the situation but cleats can provide you with an ultimate boost in confidence at the time when a slip can punctually end the fishing trip with kids.

Be Selective

It may be too cold when you are going for ice fishing with kids. So, when heading to a frozen lake, you should start warm and stay warm during the fishing. Make sure your kids are dressed in layers and are protected from the cold. Also carry a little shake to activate hand warmers with you. Also keep an eye on their warmth to stay warm in the cold.

Make it Day Camping

Plan ice fishing with kids as a day camp because a tiny tent or hut will not only provide protection from cold and winds but also take the fun to next level. Take lots of healthy snacks, cookies, a thermos of hot coffee and other treats to make the moments fun and unforgettable.

Being Bait

Remember to take sufficient bait with you while planning ice fishing with kids. It will help you keep the odds in your favor. You can also opt for a bucket of minnows or a container of wiggling meal worms to hold their attention. It will help you have a pleasing ice fishing trip.

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