Know More About Metanabol

Metanabol is a brand name for the steroid Methandrostelone. This is just one brand name. Another name for it is the more popularly known Dianabol or Dbol. It is the second synthetic steroid ever produced, and could either be taken orally in tablets or in liquid where it has to be injected.

Many who use Metanabol have experienced great results. That’s because Metanabol, just like Dianabol, is very powerful. For those who like to see significant gains in a short amount of time, Metanabol might just be the one. Being potent though means that its side effects are great as well, so people who might want to take it have to know the risks it involves.

Dosage and Cycling

Most bodybuilders who use steroids would go through a period of cycling it. That is so that there would be time to mitigate any side effect that might come with it. Cycling gives time for people using steroids to rest and recover, which is commonly known as post cycle therapy (PCT). PCT often involves using other medicine in order to counter any side effects steroids might have.

Cycle duration for Metanabol is usually four weeks. 25-50 mg of dosage per day is the typical one used during the cycle. For PCT, many people say that using clomid works well. Others also go through steroids all year. This is known as blasting and cruising. There would be a time when such people use steroids heavily and then go through a period of low dosage along with PCT. For Metanabol, that might mean 10 mg per day during the cruising phase with PCT.

Metanabol Availability

There are sites that say that they have Metanabol. It is often not certain if such sites’ claims are true, or if what they have is a good form of it. Metanabol like most steroids aren’t legal in the US, and some other countries do not encourage it as well. To buy Metanabol in the UK one might have to go through such sites.

There are those that do claim to have alternatives to Metanabol. While such alternatives are legal, it is not sure if they are effective. Safety could also be an issue, though the side effects of most steroids are much more of a concern than those on alternatives. However, people who prefer to take alternatives should also know the side effects it might have, if any.

The bottomline is that steroid use has its risks. Most people would not even consider taking steroids, though there are those who will take them even if there are risks involved. Usually these are the ones who are either competing or just want to be better than the average lifter. When getting into steroid use, know that the risks could possibly involve shutting down testosterone production, higher levels of LDL cholesterol and liver damage. Knowing some of these risks as well as how to do PCT would help in mitigating some of its effects. An informed bodybuilder can then make the right choices and prevent health hazards that might happen along the way.

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