Most Popular Hues for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2017

Have you already started losing sleep over the bridesmaid outfit for your wedding? Obviously, you want the bridesmaids to look the most attractive and it is somewhat fun to play cupid, trying to fix all your single girlfriends with the groom’s single friends. But first, you have to make them look drop-dead-gorgeous so that their looks complete the wedding theme and also complement your wedding gown along with grabbing eyeballs in the wedding. So, when you are trying to decide on the outfit, you have to keep certain things in mind. First of all, the kind of look you want- traditional or modern, the style or cut of the dress, and lastly, the colour of the attire.

Here, we will basically discuss the most popular shades of bridesmaids’ dresses which promise to make all kinds of bridesmaids look stunning and also create a beautiful cohesive look with wedding gowns.

Bridesmaid Dresses in 2017


This refreshing shade of green is a hot favourite of this wedding season when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses. Wonderfully works on all skin tones, this is a beautiful choice for your lovely girl gang. Either go for all mint-coloured dresses in various styles or try the mismatched look with contrasting shades like mint green and white or blush pink or you can also choose two shades of green like mint green goes beautifully with a sea-green or an emerald.


Coral has been chosen as this year’s most popular shade for the bridesmaids. This has a very sweet and refreshing charm which suits both summer and autumn weddings. If you don’t want an all-coral look, try to mix it with another contrasting shade like turquoise blue, lavender or mint green. You can also go with two other lighter shades like blush pink or peach. But make sure if you are choosing colours from different families, the style for the dresses should be the same. Because even though you want to give respect to the individual style and choices of your girls’ squad, at the end of the day, bridesmaids’ dresses should have a certain amount of cohesion in a wedding.


This wedding season, get back to your undeniably regal shade of purple. Purple bridesmaid dresses are absolutely gorgeous and have a timeless elegance of their own. You can choose an ethereal soft lilac chiffon dress or try the beaded gown in the rich magenta hue for a more glamorised look. You can also mix and match two shades of the purple family like lavender and eggplant or go for a contrasting look with violet and pink. Whether you are having a formal fete or a casual garden wedding, this shade goes with a variety of styles and patterns.


This wedding season says goodbye to all your wedding blues with blue bridesmaid dresses. Jazz it up with navy sequin gowns or go easy breezy with chiffon dresses in cyan or azure. If it is a small and casual get together, push the envelope a little more with blue floral prints on your bridesmaid dresses. Patterns and prints are also a hit among the bridesmaids’ outfits and are an essential component of the mismatched act. Whether you want a regal look or want to try the casual preppy style, blue can work for both the ideas.

These were the most amazing shades from the colour palette which works wonders on all kinds of bridesmaids. So, don’t think twice. Just select any shade from the above and start creating a fabulous look for your gorgeous girls.

Author Bio: Kylie Black is a fashion blogger and here, she writes about the best hues for bridesmaids’ dresses. So, quickly decide whether you want coral, blue or purple bridesmaid dresses for your gorgeous girl gang.

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