No More Stressing Behind Winning The “Prom Queen” Title!

Don’t you want to win the title of “prom queen” this year? If you say no, then that is nothing but a lie. Let’s get this straight, we all dream of being the prom queen. And to look your best on that particular day, you girls tend to take a lot of stress. Well, this blog will make the journey of achieving your dream a lot easier.


In 2016, there had been a lot of new trends in the world of dresses and gowns. Trying out of the latest trends can make you stand out in the crowd of young divas! Take a look at some of the latest fashions, made only for the day of dancing, dating and letting go.

  • Two piece prom dresses in pastel shades – Okay, so the first one which I will ask all you fashionistas to try out on this night of glitz and glamour are the two piece short dresses, which are “in” this year. Get them in pastel shades like mauve, baby blue, mint green, etc. They generally come with intricate embellishments which add a few points to the “glam factor”. Nude makeup and a pair of pointed high heels will complete the look. If you take some time out you will see various companies are selling these dresses at an affordable price. And that means you do not have to go broke, in order to get that crown on your head.
  • Lacey gowns with intricate sequins – If fairy tales and pretty pink things are your cup of tea, then you must go for the long gowns that will adorn areas like hips and bust, in shades of pink and peach. Accessorize it but don’t overdo because the gown should remain the focus of the entire look. One of the best things about trying this out is the fact that lace and pretty shades can never go out of style. So when you will look back at the pictures of prom night twenty years from now, you would not feel ashamed of your dressing sensibilities! All I can say is this is a very risk-free A deep lip color, pale gold eye makeup and a pair of heels- you are all set to rock the night and turn heads.
  • Off shoulder or one shoulder long dresses – So, all the girls are competing for that one particular boy in your class to be their date on prom night? Why not turn his head by getting an off-shoulder or a one shoulder long flowing dress? One thing which you must not ignore is the comfort factor because you do not want to end up looking clumsy and get busy taking care of yourself instead of spending some time with the “hunk” of your class on the big night! Dancing, talking, gossiping- there are so many things to do! And yes, for the dancing bit, you need to wear comfortable shoes as well. Opting for high heels is okay, but make sure that you can move about freely in those pairs of cut-out strappy heels or platform heels. Concentrate either on dark lips or heavy makeup on the eyes. Long prom dresses are available online at various sites, but compare prices before buying.

These are the top trends, which you can pull off in your upcoming prom event! Make an effort, turn heads and rock the night-but yes, don’t forget to wear your confidence, as without that winning the title would be a bit too difficult. And yes, no stressing as you do not want any effect of that on your face. Right? So, why delay? Take some time out and look up the internet for the mentioned short, lacy and long prom dresses.

Author Bio: Lily Rhodes, a fashion blogger, writes about the latest trends to rock the prom night and win the title which every girl dream of. She talks about the two-piece dresses, lacey gowns, and long prom dresses.

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