The True Meaning of Remy Hair

African American women love weaves, hair extensions, closures and wigs very much. However, many you guys did not know the exact definitions that are connected with these hair pieces. For example, what is remy hair? Before placing a great amount of money on these hair pieces, you must exactly understand what you are going to buy.

There are basically two types of hair you can buy, one is synthetic hair, the other is human hair, remy hair belongs to human hair, it is the hair in highest grade. While synthetic hair is the cheapest but does not last long.


Remy hair comes from one single donor. Hair donors could be found everywhere in the world like Brazil, India, Malaysia, or China. You can buy Brazilian hair that is imported from Brazil, the hair is collected, tied up and then cut.

An important feature of remy hair is that the cuticles on hair are intact and facing the same direction. The hair is unprocessed so the cuticles could face in the same direction. The look of remy hair is completely natural, when you comb the hair, there will be no tangling throughout the wholesale length of the hair, you will also feel no matting and shedding. Under good maintenance, remy hair could last for several years.

Remy hair is divided into virgin and non-virgin hair. Virgin hair is never processed and left in a natural condition. It is only in some natural colors such as black and brown. The highest grade of hair is virgin hair, if you want best quality weaves, extensions or wigs, just purchase this grade of hair. Virgin hair could be washed, colored and treated as you desire.

Like virgin hair, non-virgin hair is collected the same way, it has just been processed for color, waves or curls. It not only can give you the exact style you want in minutes, but also look very natural.

Virgin and non-virgin hair are all expensive, but to get the celetrities look, you must pay a lot of money for it. Remy hair is expensive because of its high quality and long time it could last. Usually you will need 3 to 4 bundles of remy hair for a full head, that almost weigh about 400g, this will need about 200 usd to 300 usd. Besides, you also need to pay the salon visit cost. Of course, you can buy remy hair online, but make sure you have chosen the best supplier and dealt with a reputable hair company.

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