Tips For Choosing Dresses For Girls With Short Height And Bulky Figure

Every woman has their own individual way which is applicable to both basic characteristics as well as physical appearances. Every woman has a different type of body. It is difficult to categorize outfits for typical body shapes. If you are shorter in height and have a bulky figure at the same time, here are some tips that will be beneficial in choosing the right dresses for girls.

Bulky Figure

Monochromatic colors

Wearing same shade at the bottom half and top will confer the illusion of height. You should note that the main aim is not to look tall but not to appear shorter than you actually are. Hence, you will appear taller with the longer blocks of color. For instance, wearing a same colored shirt or similar colored pants will form a monochromatic color from top to the bottom. This will be slicing the body thereby making the same look shorter. You should not go for contrasting colors with a stark difference as they will make you look shorter. You can also try monochrome jumpsuits or pantsuits and dark trouser along with a dark colored shirt. in accordance with your body shape.

Vertical lines

Vertical lines play an integral role in creating an illusion as this make look one taller and slimmer. You should say a big no to horizontal lines as these will be slicing the body and enlarging the width. In case you have a small framed torso, you can get away while wearing horizontals that will confer a larger bust.


You should go for trousers which flow a couple of inches past your actual length and pair the same with a few inch heels. This will make the legs look longer in comparison to wearing cropped pants that will reduce inches at the bottom. You should avoid wearing capris as they will make you look shorter. You can try slim cut jeans in case you have slim legs. You should not wear cut pants in case you have a pear shaped body as it will widen the hips more. You should go for figure friendly trouser which begins at the widest part of the hip, thereby flowing down straight.


You should say a big no to skirts as they accentuate the lack of height and bisect the part of the leg where it is large. One can go for skirts which are not too puffy or bulky as they can make the hips look big. You should go for skirts that come in flowy fabrics and which can be dropped well or ones which flare out in A-line silhouette. You should also not wear skirts which end at the mid-length.


You should say a big no to baby doll tops and peplum tops as they will make you frumpy at the waist. You should opt for tops which are fitted at the area of the bust and falls straight. You should be staying away from boxy tops and tunic tops as they do not require additional inches around you. If you cover the whole hip, it will draw attention to the larger part of the body. V-neck assists in elongating the neckline. In case you are busted, you should a strict no to turtle necks and polo necks.

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